another Pennsic, another pile of turnings

discussion of the niceties of turning on a bow, bungee or pole lathe.

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another Pennsic, another pile of turnings

Postby Darrell » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:56 pm

We just returned home from the Pennsic War (google images for Pennsic if you are curious as to what that is). I brought my pole lathe again this year. Ran a have-a-go class for 2 hours on Tuesday. 20 people showed up and I managed to get many of them to have time on the lathe. A number of them were shy about trying it, and just wanted to watch, but I think there will be at least a few new lathes constructed over the next few months.

One of the people on our camp site wanted a short footstool with an ergonomically angled top. No problem I said, we have lots of firewood here. The top is a hunk of oak, very heavy. We had a few visitors for a handtool petting zoo (where they get to try actual sharp tools so they can see what an axe, plane, drawknife, spokeshave, and brace & bit really do) so we had them surface the oak plank and cut decorative beads on the edges. I had already turned some short legs (from something ring-porous with no distinct rays, butternut perhaps?) so we bored and reamed tapered holes for the tenons.

I needed some glue for the legs but alas, I had none. But wait, did not someone give me a 'pitch stick'? Yes! A stick with a blob of spruce pitch on the end. A primitive glue stick. I heated the pitch over a low flame on the camp stove and it softened up, then I spread it on the tenons. I heated the tenons over the stove and then drove the legs into the holes. Stuck fast.

Now Timothy has a nice stool to rest his weary feet.


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